the third ring of hell v cartier

October 11, 2006 at 9:18 pm (travel)

…in which the Traveller arrives at the Third Ring of Hell, escapes a race riot in Times Square, finds an Angel in Brooklyn and Miss Mermaid meets a Prince. 

To cut a long story short, I arrived Friday night about 7.30 at the hostel in NYC.  It’s a cross between a Turkish Prison and the 3rd Ring of Hell.  Or camping.  However it’s very clean, safe and cheap cheap cheap so I shall eagerly return next week.

Miss Mermaid and I ended up in Times Square late last night looking for an intnernet cafe on

42nd street and, got caught up in a gang war and have never run so fast in our lives.  There were hundreds and hundreds of young guys and heaps of police.  We didn’t realise what was happening at first and then the police started clearing everyone off the street.

The night before we had our RG dinner and closed down a bar near our hostel at 4.30am and had to race back to the hostel to get Becky into a cab at 5.15 so she could catch her flight back to Vermont.  I just got an email from her and she said that even though she was obviously tanked, they still let her get on the plane.  At the bar, shots were falling from the sky like rain.  Apparently I was snogging some hot black guy who is a hip hop artist of some kind but I only remember that he had really strong arms and I was insisting that I wasn’t about to kiss some random guy I met in a bar but apparently I did.  With enthusiasm. I also met a guy called Angel from Brooklyn and I think it was a sign.  Or maybe I was just really drunk.  You can never quite tell with these things. 

Becky, Marianne and I went to the Museum of Sex on 5th Avenue and looked at the display celebrating 400 years of Japanese erotica and cartoon porn, plus an exhibit about the history of porn.  While we classy girls were doing this, Miss Mermaid was looking in the window of Cartier and a well dressed, handsome man smiled at her.  She smiled back and went into another store.  She was looking at the perfume and he came up to her and invited her to choose any perfume she liked, that he wanted to buy it for her as  a gift.  She said no, that she was married etc, but in the end she gave in to keep the peace and the upshot is, by the time she left the store, he brought her not just the perfume, but a $500 scarf and 24 carat gold opal and diamond set of drop earrings and a necklace.  Turns out he is member of the Saudi Royal Family looking for a wife.  And where was I?  Looking at porn.  Boo hoo.


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