i see dead people

January 10, 2007 at 7:51 pm (spiritual)

One of my clients works at a tv station.  She invited me into the studio audience to see John Edward being interviewed.  We were able to write down questions for him.  The first question was mine!   The host asked me to put my hand up and she asked John the question, which he answered in detail. 

Then she asked me if I had another question.  My brain froze in horror.  I had no idea was I going to be expected to actually speak. I just shook my head.  Then she said ‘So John do you pick up anything about this lady.”  I nearly died on the spot.  I wish a big hole would have opened up in the ground.  Fortunately he said he didn’t pick anything up.  But then he said a bit later “I don’t know why come to these things if they don’t want a reading.” 

Ha!  I guess he really is psychic 😉


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