long distance love

January 19, 2007 at 11:31 pm (dating, relationships)

What do you think about long distance relationships?  Can they work?  Are they a way of avoiding intimacy or just bad luck for the participants?

My friend’s boyfriend lives in the UK.  She lives in California.  Neither of them will move.  I think that’s crazy.  She would be able to get work in the UK in her industry.  She won’t.  She doesn’t want to leave the US.  So five years on they are stuck in the stalemate of a trans-atlantic love affair.  She doesn’t date anyone else and I’ve never met him but I’m assuming he doesn’t, so what’s the point? 

It’s a classic way of avoiding intimacy, if you ask me.

What would you sacrifice for love?  What if ‘the one’ for you lived in Siberia?  Would you go? 

 Another friend met a woman in Finland when he was there on business.  They stayed in touch and she came here three months later.  They have lived here for a few years but she can’t work.  They have a 2 year old child and are heading back to Finland because they can both work there.  He will get a transfer with his company.

My best friend is Irish and met her Australian husband in Israel and now they live in the US.  Life is funny 🙂


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