locked out!

February 11, 2007 at 9:19 am (career)

I share an office with two other people, one of whom I have never met.  We are each there on different days. Today I locked myself out. I couldn’t believe it. The bathrooms are external and have their own key. I locked the office door after myself because anyone can come right in off the street, plus if my clients are early, I’d rather they wait outside than go right in.

So I come back from the ladies room and realize I didn’t take the office key with me. I just stood there and stared at the door. My cell was inside, my car keys, everything. I don’t even know any of my friend’s cell numbers to call them. The phone number I had for the others who use the office was for the phone that was locked inside.

I figured I would need to call a locksmith and that would pretty much cost me my income for the day, as it’s an emergency weekend call out. That’s if I could get someone to answer the phone.

I noticed that there were a few business cards in a rack outside our office and one of them had a cell number. I went to office next door to ask to use their phone. The ladies didn’t speak much English so communicating was fun, but one of them let me use her cell.

The cell number was the other office sharer I had never met. The phone range and rang. I’m thinking “What if she is not answering her phone? I can’t tell you how panicked I was. My next client was due in 15 minutes.

She answered. Turns out she was just having lunch in a restaurant a few doors away from the office. Thank you Universe! I ran down and got the keys from her and let myself back in. I left them on the shelf by the door and she came and picked them up while I was with my client

The last time I locked myself out was when I was 15. I was on a date with a guy a bit older than me and we went clubbing and then went parking by the beach. I got home at 5am and realized I didn’t have my key. I tapped on my brother’s window. My date was one of his friends, so I figured it was his fault so he should wake up and let me in. He didn’t budge. I tapped louder. Nope. I bashed on the damn window so hard I nearly broke it. He didn’t even turn over.

In the end, I rang the doorbell. My dad answered. I have never forgotten my keys again.

Have you ever locked yourself out or lost your keys?


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