teachers, nurses and secretaries

February 16, 2007 at 8:27 am (career)

Office circa 1920’s

This is probably around 1930.  The thing that strikes me most about this photo is that all those women would be unmarried. 

Women got the the right to vote in the USA in May 1919.  Unfortunately they didn’t get the right to work as they liked.  Most women would be expected to stop working once they got married, and certainly once they had children.  Until the women’s liberation movement surged forward in the 60’s, the only real career optionss for women were as teachers, nurses or secretaries.

My aunt was a scientist in the 70’s and battled against discrimination and sexual harassment until the number of women in the industry grew to significant numbers and anti-sexual harassment laws were enforced.

Hard to imagine, huh?


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  1. Christopher said,

    Interesting – I never thought about the gender adversities in this picture. So I assume that is a telling sign and potentially shows a difference of age. To me the first thing I noticed was….NOT ONE PHONE ON ANY DESK”

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